Flexsim is modern, digital software supporting the work of many enterprises. It allows mapping, simulation and then optimization of processes that take place in various types of business operations. This is a completely new generation of visualization of various processes based on technology, which is also used by computer game producers.

Flexsim computer simulation will work in many branches of the economy, particular in logistics. It will allow you to check employee load and work tools, determine your productivity, and test improvements before you implement them. It will help in finding the best solutions, will definitely facilitate and improve work. Thanks to secure visualization experiments, the company is able to obtain immeasurable financial benefits. You can find out in which industries Flexsim gains the most demand and where it is implemented most often by following press reports. Certainly, computer simulation is a solution for the following industries:

Trade and services

Computer simulations will undoubtedly work in both commerce and services. They will help, for example, to analyze the frequency of customers visiting the company, find out the reasons for queues in stores, and finally optimize the process of customer service in the offices or supermarkets. It’ll be used at the airport to improve passenger service and select the optimal number of employees that will help in unloading the jam. He will diagnose the causes of problems occurring in the enterprise and propose the best solutions.

Healthcare, hospitals and clinics

These places are particularly sensitive to all kinds of improvements. Here, time and efficiency count. The implementation of the Flexsim simulation system is an invaluable help for the health service, which is struggling with many problems every day. In hospitals or clinics, where there is no time for mistakes and every second counts, Flexsim is a benefit for both staff and the patient. With it, you can optimize the patient service process, or minimize queues waiting for admission. The simulation will be useful to analyze the evacuation of a hospital in the event of an emergency, help in the efficient use of rooms, or improve the movement of vehicles in the parking lot.

Industrial production

This branch of industry is very demanding. In order to guarantee the highest quality or meeting deadlines, the use of Flexsim software seems to be the perfect solution and a helping hand. It will be useful in analyzing the production line’s work, it will help improve its operation and eliminate any downtime. Will be able to check the quantity of products in stock and maintain adequate inventory without losing continuity. It’ll check the functioning of individual production departments and help optimize their operation. Equipping workstations with the necessary raw materials will be much easier, and the burden on employees will be minimized, while increasing production.

Logistics and transport

The current functioning of the transport company is based on efficient logistics. Managers ask themselves every day what else can be done to improve communication, speed up loading or unloading, or how to optimally use storage space. By implementing Flexsim we will find answers to many bothering questions in a short time. Thanks to the simulation, we will optimize forklift routes in the warehouse, or choose the most economical routes for our carts. The software will help streamline the organization of internal transport, reorganize the goods storage area, or improve the packaging process in an automated warehouse. What’s more, it will analyze the operation of the traffic light system so that traffic is smooth and safe. Sea and inland terminals will also benefit, as Flexsim will help improve transhipment processes. Domestic and international transport will be able to design the best routes, taking into account the current restrictions and analyzing their capacity. It will help you save not only time, but also money, thanks to at least a detailed analysis of fuel consumption.

Construction industry

The development of the economy and new technologies, as well as the constant increase in the cost of building materials and land, forces entrepreneurs to constantly monitor the real estate market. Thanks to computer simulation, the work of construction workers can be definitely optimized on many levels. The software will help in planning the construction, indicate the appropriate location for the emerging parking lots or bicycle paths, and properly arrange the staircases in the block. It will simulate the best escape route for the residents of the estate, which will increase the safety of users. Built housing estates will have excellent organization, which will evolve into customer satisfaction and increase the number of interested in cooperation.

Flexim is a tool that will safely carry out a number of experiments for us. For those using the software it is an immeasurable advantage, because they will finally be able to give up the dangerous methods of “trial and error”, which often did not only bring no results, but caused damage. It’s not surprising that the software received the Main Award in the competition for “Best Product for Logistics, Transport and Production 2016”, the “Innovator 2016” statuette, awarded by experts from the best domestic and foreign universities, as well as the “ProInventio” medal at the innovation fair in Katowice

For those interested in implementing the software, conferences and training sessions are organized. This is a great opportunity to learn about Flexsim’s capabilities. In addition, a free webinar is available, thanks to which information on the software’s capabilities will be given in a clear way, the benefits of its operation will be presented, and the possibilities of cooperation will be proposed. For many companies, Flexsim can be beneficial, and the money invested in the software will pay off more quickly.