Transport carts are means of internal transport that are used to move goods within a limited area. They are especially recommended for warehouses, storages and transport companies, as well as all types of trading companies with large quantities of goods in stock. Using a transport carts contributes to increased comfort of work. It improves organization, as well as maintaining a healthy backbone of employees.

Types or transport carts by Polish Office of Technical Inspection

Even tho not every cart is subjected to technical inspection, according to the provision of Office of Technical Inspection we distinguish two main types of carts: forklift truck and palet truck.

transport cart AGV Lean Cart 18.1
Lean Cart 18.1

Forklift truck

Lifting trucks undergo technical inspection, that do not require the use of muscle strength to lift goods, i.e. those that have a mechanical (combustion, electric or hydraulic) lifting drive. These types of vehicles have attached forks or platforms that are used both to remove loads stored at high altitudes and to lift them from high storage racks. These trucks must be used for their intended purpose in a safe manner that does not endanger the lives and health of their users. Forklifts should meet a number of standards set by EU directives.

Pallet trucks

Pallet trucks are, too, equiped in forks or platforms to lift the payload, yet only to determinated height. They are not subject to technical supervision and they do not require specialist UDT or IMBiGS authorization. Still, pallet truck operators must also comply with applicable health and safety regulations. They are equally exposed to danger and accidents.

Technological development

However, as it turns out, transport carts, which until recently were considered the pinnacle of technological achievements, are slowly becoming a relict. Universal automated guided vehicles have caused confusion. AGV motbile robots turned out to be a revolution in cargo transport, which for many reasons are of great interest to entrepreneurs. These trucks are controlled automatically and are slowly pushing the existing pallet trucks or forklifts carts from the market. The main reason is the ability to transport goods without the operator’s participation, as well as reaching places hard to access.

Automated guided vehicles

Modern AGV robots can transport payloads on specially adapted platforms. Fully autonomous carts are equipped with monitoring systems that allows shape recognition, as well as an extensive security system. Mobile robots are additionally equipped with telemetry systems. Telemetry is a field that deals with techniques for transmitting measured values over a distance. This means that such trucks can be monitored and diagnosed continuously by remote data transfer. All you need is a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone, and we have full control over warehouse work.


AGV Lean Cart robots can be used in any production or warehouse space and basically in all industries. Low or high temperature, high smokiness, humidity or dustiness doesn’t stot them. Security systems allow you to work in a place where employees are at the same time. This versatile mean of internal transport can work even in hard to reach spaces, small and narrow rooms.

Transport carts – Features


Automated guided vehicles are made out of high quality materials, supplied by reliable and experienced manufacturers. Constant advice and quick technical service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is the basis for this type of equipment. Depending on the type of fault, repair can be carried out within 24 hours. AGV Lean Cart robots are covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. In the event of a failure, it is possible to receive replacement equipment. All devices meet high standards: EN 1525, ISO 12100 and CE.


Self-propelled platforms are powered by high quality batteries, which replacement is not a problem. Although their minimum operating time is 8 hours, it can be extended to up to 7 days. All depends on the choice of battery type. Depending on the type of drive used, the robots can carry a load of up to 1.5 tonnes at a high speed of 1.5 m / s.


What distinguishes the AGV Lean Cart models is the ability to adapt the dimensions and equipment to customer needs. Thanks to the components used, Lean-Tech experts have the opportunity to freely design and shape the device.


The very fact that the carts are unmanned is already a confirmation of high safety and comfort of work. Employees or contractors visiting our warehouse as well as other machines in the room are not exposed to any accidents. Complex systems supervising the 2d and 3d space around the platform, scanners and cameras guarantee security. In addition, to increase collision, forklifts operating in the same space can be equipped with the RTLS system. This system allows robots to change the route after detecting a second vehicle in the same alley.


Depending on the size and equipment, one robot can replace the human factor, which reduces the costs of the company. In addition, robots can be assigned an unlimited number of tasks to perform. It’s imposibble with a forklift, not to mention the limited human capabilities.

Samojezdne i bezzałogowe wózki magazynowe to niezawodne urządzenie, które może być stosowane w każdej niemal branży. To nowocześni, inteligentni i niezawodni pracownicy, którzy są wyjątkowo wydajni i mogą sprostać wielu ciężkim i trudnym zadaniom. Lean Cart to znak nowoczesności i rozwoju technologicznego.

Automated guided and unmanned carts are a reliable device that can be used in almost every industry. Those are modern, intelligent and reliable employees which are extremely efficient and can cope with many difficult tasks. Lean Cart is a sign of modernity and technological development.

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