Technological development of the highest quality devices in everyday work

With the development of technology, everyone wants to derive the maximum of benefits out of the automation of everyday work. Nowadays, using appropriate equipment, we can systematize our work without the need for employee intervention. AGV carts meet the expectations of customers by introducing innovative solutions based on high intelligence tailored to the individual needs of the user.

AGV carts aim for the most effective materials-transport solutions. They intelligently improve work, thus reducing standard forklift and pallet transport. Another benefit is the fact that we can transport materials and other goods without the actual operator’s participation in a modern and automated way.

Reliability and proven technology

Thanks to the right software, AGV self-driving carts follow the route without the need for manual operator support. They were used for the first time 60 years ago. Back then, AGVs were very expensive and their level of work was limited. For many years, additional improving works was carried out on the device. Together with their development and demand their price became affordable and the technique increasingly expanded.

Proven technology and automatic navigation are another advantage that characterizes AGV self-driving carts. In customert’s the production and internal logistics they are an indispensable companion used to improve production efficiency and storage. 

Safety and costs reduction

AGV carts are also characterized by workplace safety. Their technique comes from checking and evolving basic forklifts. The technical aspect is based on a wide range of safety and control over the environment, which makes them autonomous machines. Expanded vision systems reliably recognize the shape with an emphasis on identifying transport platforms and automatic charging stations. Reliability without unnecessary damage and unforeseen accidents. And what is their use in savings? The key here is the fact that AGV carts can replace the work of forklift operators. The service, on the other hand, keeps its finger on the pulse to ensure the highest quality of services and machine operation ensuring constant technical contact.

Telemetrics system and intuitiveness

AGV self-driving carts are enriched with telemetry systems, which aim for constant monitoring and diagnostics. We have the ability to control the operation of the device through the highest class mobility. The spectrum of use is targeted at computers, telephones and tablets. The machine’s intuitiveness ensures easy installation processes. Simple implementation and location along with installation is another reason for the authenticity of the machine. AGV carts in their intelligence allow the use of many technologies and adaptive software that provides the necessary materials at their workplace.

Productivity and certainty

Many drives allow transport of products up to 1500 kg with speeds up to 1.5 m / s. AGV self-driving carts in their minimum work units reach 8 hours and its extension can be up to 7 days. The innovative power supply system provides express battery replacement. AGV carts are versatile and their use can affect work in virtually all industries. Enriched with the necessary certified security systems, they can have specific applications at work where people reside. Small dimensions fit into any space regardless of its size.

Implement the robot to work

Another benefit is the fact that AGVs are modern and do not require special changes in existing infrastructure. Rapid integration of an existing production line is not a complication. You don’t need to use magnetic tape installations or lay out special robot routes. The amount of time needed to implement the robot in the client’s infrastructure depends on several factors. It’s important to clearly specify the number of purchased robots and the area and number of tasks that AGVs will have to perform. The whole process can take from one up to several days. During this time, AGVs will map their workspace. They will also designate routes and include emergency roads so they won’t interfere with forklifts.

Solving problems in work communication between an AGV self-driving carts and a forklift

AGV mobile trucks are based on 2D and 3D technology enriched with special scanners thanks to which we can avoid any collisions. However, if we want to avoid congestion, we can use the RTLS system that will allow the robots to use a different route so they won’t interfere with the aisle in which the forklift works. The client can assign a wide range of tasks to the robot. AGV mobile carts are adapted to the customer’s needs in functionality, where the customer decides when to use all the possible functions. The content of the starter package and the main key features noteworthy of AGV self-driving carts maintain the highest standards. Technical and logistic support as well as location in the factory allows for quick implementation of the robot. Numerous trainings for operators facilitate familiarization with all the processes of introducing the machine to everyday tasks. The final job that the operator must perform using AGV carts in their work is to generate the right route and charge the batteries. Personalized solutions maximize the use of the robot. AGV carts are a companion that can reliably cope with the harshest environmental conditions. Also, where strong dust, moisture and temperature do not support the use of human resources.