AGV Lean Cart mobile robots are devices that are manufactured on the basis of modern technologies. They are suitable for intralogistic systems. Through the camera system they easily do their job. Individual models of AGV mobile robots are adapted to perform the tasks assigned to them in almost every workplace. They guarantee full success and security.

The best AGV robots on the market

AGV Lean Cart robots are a breakthrough in the transport of various materials. They are famous for their intelligence. They move goods without the operator being present. Transport platforms are adapted to transport Euro-pallets. All devices control the environment and don’t cause any collisions. Built-in vision systems can recognize shapes, detect and identify transport platforms, and supervise the proper loading of materials onto the platform. The devices also have a number of telemetry systems. Thanks to them, diagnostics and monitoring can be extended. The supervisory and control software can be operated on computers, tablets and smartphones of various technology levels. AGV Lean Cart robots are easily installed on a given warehouse and production space. They are focused on a number of operations. They use many combinations from modern sources in their work. They focus on radio communication and on adaptive software specially created for these inventions. This helps you easily deliver the products you need to your preferred workplace.

Mobile Robot Lean Cart 18.1:

Robot AGV

The Lean Cart 18.1 robot is a clever, small device that is designed to work in small rooms. It easily adapts to narrow rooms such as corridors or small gaps. It’s great at tight communication routes. The robot is primarily intended for transporting loads that rest on transport carts. They are simultaneously pulled by him and brought to the appropriate destination. The invention is equipped with a communication panel. It also has LED lighting, which indicates whether the robot is at work or at rest. This simplifies the operation of the device, and at the same time provides greater safety. This makes the robot suitable for work in dark rooms and difficult working conditions. The rear of the device has an electro catch. It is used to leave the transport cart with components in place. The whole process is automatic – doesn’t require manual work.

Basic technical data:

The Lean Cart 18.1 robot can carry 100 kg of cargo. It’s a very precise device. Its accuracy is up to 30 mm. It moves at a speed of 1.1 m/s, i.e. it gives approximately 4 km/h. Device has a built-in WiFi network and HMI panel. It can work at temperatures from 5 to 40 degrees celsius. It’s resistant to an appropriate percentage (10-80%) of humidity. The battery is fully charged after about 1.5 hours after connecting to a network place. The robot has a built-in safety scanner. It can pull up 200 kg. Due to its size and properties, this model is recommended primarily for work in small rooms.

Mobile Robot Lean Cart 19.1:

robot AGV

The next device is the Lean Cart 19.1 robot, which has slightly different properties than its predecessors. It is intended primarily for the transport of large, bulky articles with a high kilogram weight. All goods are placed on a special mobile platform that is famous for its large surface area. The device is characterized by a number of different sensors. It has an extensive algorithm that processes images. In this way, it allows him to independently take up the filled transport platform and move it to the appropriate, final place. The place is indicated by operator.

Technical specifications:

The Lean Cart 19.1 robot can carry a load of 1000 kg. Its precision is 30 mm. It can travel at a maximum speed of up to 4 km/h. Without a network connection, it works independently for up to 16 hours. It is really a self-sufficient device that don’t requier a lot of money. Its weight is not specified in his technical data sheet. Information about the dimensions of the robot stands for: 1200 x 760 x 400 mm. The device has a built-in special communication system. You can give it commands using the WiFi signal and the HMI panel. It works at a temperature of 5-40 degrees celsius and in humidity between 10% and 95%. The Lean Cart 19.1 robot is resistant to adverse climatic conditions. It can work in almost any conditions. The device is ready for operation after a suitable energy supply. It must be connected to the network for at least an hour. The robot is very safe – it has two safety scanners, two 2D cameras and can have a double 3D camera at the customer’s request. The device is very strong its pull capacity is 1500 kg.

Mobile Robot Lean Cart 20.0:

robot AGV

In March 2020, the new Robot Lean Cart 20.0 will has its premiere, which will amaze with its properties. Its capabilities will be even greater than its predecessors and will facilitate the work of millions of users. Initial device information as well as a special offer is available when you contact Lean personally.

All Lean Cart Robots listed above are tailored to the needs of each client. Quality is based on experience gained over the last years of the company’s existence on the market. All devices reduce the physical loads of workers and are adapted to work in any room. They have a built-in hybrid navigation system, i.e. RTLS and SLAM. In addition, they are equipped with safety laser scanners.

All manufactured AGV Lean Cart mobile robots meet EU safety requirements. Each model is equipped with appropriate documentation. The devices have a 24-month warranty. They comply with the provisions of the European Union Directive.