How does one control and navigate the AGV?

AGV carts use two types of navigation to determine location. The first is the so-called counting navigation. It is a very simple solution that doesn’t need specialized equipment for operation. However, its disadvantage is the tendency to accumulate calculation errors. Such errors must therefore be corrected on a regular basis. The second type of navigation is used for this. It may be based on several different operating methods, which are agreed below.

AGV Lean Cart robots don’t need to navigate: magnetic induction, magnetic loop or optical loop. Thanks to this, Lean Cart robots are easy and quick to implement in any environment, and their integration with other machines and devices working in the enterprise does not require any interference with the infrastructure.

Laser navigation

Laser navigation – AGV carts are equipped with a scanner that emits a laser beam. The emitted beam “sweep” around the cart up to several times a second. By using the triangulation method, it can be positioned. The position of the cart is calculated on an ongoing basis by means of counting navigation and, if necessary, corrected based on measurements from the laser. Currently the accuracy of determining the position of cart can reach even single millimeters.

The use of gyroscopes in navigating AGV carts

In the gyroscopic method, mechanical or optical gyroscopic devices are used to determine the direction of travel. It requires additional calibration devices, so-called transponders, which are mounted at characteristic points of the route, i.e. at bends, intersections, arches, in places where the AGV carts stops etc. This method can provide very good positioning, but only if AGV carts are equipped with high-quality equipment. High quality goes hand in hand with price, which means that high-sensitivity gyroscopic navigation is expensive. The disadvantage of this solution is also that it is quite difficult to implement it for routes with complex shapes and a large number of intersections.

The use of these methods of navigation in the Lean Cart AGV robot family has created our proprietary hybrid navigation that expands the possibilities of working and using Lean Cart robots in industry.