The mobile robot

What is a mobile robot? Probably many people associate it only with vacuum cleaners or lawnmowers. However, nowadays, the industry is more aware that automation doesn’t only mean creating automated workstations at the production line. Today’s technology development means that there is no major problem in enabling mobile robots to replace the work of human hands. One of such applications is certainly the possibility of using this type of equipment in logistics. So how to use the potential of autonomous transport carts?

Modern solutions for industry

Mobile robots have emerged as one of the key positions of modern solutions for industry in Western Europe. Even the concept of “Industry 4.0” was created for people to understand the importance of this new revolution. People are more often creating systems based on mutual learning with autonomous individuals. This enables an increase in quality at the workplace. For the logistics industry, this means that there are opportunities to reduce the employment of people while increasing work efficiency and ensuring much greater safety for employees and goods.

Mobile robots are profitable

Nowadays, available solutions allow mobile robots to be responsible for the transport of goods in logistics warehouses. The benefit for the company will be visible after a very short time from the implementation of solutions in a given place. First of all, it’ll be possible to use machines to a much greater extent than it has been the case hitherto. Thanks to this, work which has been demanding a few people before, will now be carried out by one mobile robot responsible for steering a transport cart transporting goods from place to place.

Fast investment growth

Like any investment in modern solutions, this one also allows for quick repayment of all incurred costs associated with it. Regardless of the number or size of mobile robots installed, the efficiency will increase noticeably. Less employed people in positions previously involved in transporting goods with forklifts or pallets means not only savings on employees’ salaries, but also a reduction in the whole range of associated additional costs.


Besides, the work of transport carts, managed by mobile robots can be performed continuously. Replaceable batteries are used for this purpose, thanks to which autonomous transport carts are driven. Their replacement does not take much time so that the mobile robot can work longer than just one shift. Therefore, if you compare the performance of employees of a given department, it may turn out that the work of a dozen or so people can be done by AGV robots, responsible for the efficient transport of goods from place to place, as such a need arises in the warehouses of a logistics company.

Greater safety

It is also important to maintain the safety required when transporting goods as part of storage within the halls. The number of accidents related to the human factor driving forklifts, among others, is high. The mobile robot, equipped with sensitive software and several sensors allowing it to move freely on those routes reduces the risk of an accident. Besides, sensors that allow data collection provide a continuous learning process for the machine. In practice, this simply means that each subsequent course of an autonomous transport cart driven by a mobile robot will be much safer. As a result, having this type of solution in your own logistics company will ensure more days without an accident. Thus, it will not only improve the safety of goods and people in the hall at a given moment but also significantly reduce the various costs associated with it. Once again, it is seen that the use of a mobile robot solution in a logistics company allows for achieving real money savings through innovative technologies. At the same time, it is also possible to influence other areas present in the issue of managing the performance of a logistics company daily.

Constant development

Changing the work system to that offered by mobile robots, which manage all the movement and transfer of goods by autonomous transport carts has more advantages than the easiness of carrying it out. Each day, the work of AGV robots improves the system’s operation not only in the scope of using innovative devices but also enhances the whole task. Such solutions mean not only that the whole system is efficient in a given area, but also allow for daily learning based on the collected data. All you need to do is to properly analyze the data to see what else can be improved to make the entire process run much faster and more efficiently. Such features as mobile robots have, make them an ideal solution for all those who take up the daily challenge of work management. For managers, this means another step towards the increase of performance, skillfully combined with a simultaneous reduction of costs associated with running a logistics company.

Competitiveness on the market

The growing popularity of the solution, which is autonomous transport carts based on management using mobile robots, is growing in our country. For this reason, it is worth paying attention to whether the nearest competitors aren’t already using it. Being late in this matter can make the company stay behind. Such a delay will undoubtedly change into deteriorating results achieved by the logistics company. Is it worth risking the future in such a stupid manner?