The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world we know upside down. In order to adapt to the new situation and enable businesses to survive, it is good to become familiar with modern technologies that make it possible for industrial companies to work without interruption while maintaining the highest safety standards. Among the many solutions available, AGV Lean-Cart autonomous robots and the LT Flow Control people and property monitoring system deserve special attention.
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How do AGV Lean-Cart robots work?

The robots work on the basis of modern technologies. They can be easily implemented into existing and operating intralogistics systems. Their work does not require direct employee supervision. This allows a significant reduction in the number of staff working on a specific shift, which is crucial during the pandemic to maintain hygiene and guarantee the safety of employees. A dedicated control system is designed to control the work of the robots. It makes it possible to control the work of a number of the robots at the same time and to assign an unlimited number of tasks to each of them. All you need is a smartphone with Internet access. The robots do not need heating or lighting to work, which significantly reduces the cost of warehouse maintenance.

AGV robots can replace typical forklifts. They do not require employee intervention to operate and can work for many hours without interruption, which significantly increases the efficiency of the entire plant. There is no need for specific routes for individual robots. The carts themselves can map the area they are moving in and easily adapt to the new environment. The only breaks in their operation are those necessary to charge the batteries, which is done very quickly.

What kind of robots are available?

Lean-Cart currently offers its customers four different models of robots. The individual models differ in size, load capacity and functionality. This makes it possible to choose the ideal robot according to the needs of a particular company, taking into account its specific characteristics, the industry in which it operates and the size of the rooms where the robot is to move. In the case of unusual requirements, it is possible to tailor the dimensions and functions of the robot to specific customer needs. Lean-Cart employees provide assistance in choosing the right model of the robot and will be happy to dispel any doubts about its use.

Can the robots work among humans?

The robots are designed to make their work as collision-free as possible. They are equipped with 2D/3D camera systems and security scanners with certificates that guarantee their effectiveness. This allows them to move even in narrow spaces, without colliding with company employees. All Lean-Cart devices meet the stringent safety standards imposed by the applicable laws.roboty lean cart

What is LT Flow Control?

LT Flow Control is a modern people and property control system. It can be used to control entrances and exits to rooms, determine the current position of individual employees and make various spatial analyses. A minimum distance between system users can also be set. If it is exceeded, they will receive an appropriate alert. This is particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic. It allows maintaining the highest safety standards and limiting contacts between employees to the necessary minimum.

What does the implementation of the robots and the LT Flow Control system look like?

Implementing the robots to work does not require any interference with the existing warehouse structure or longer downtimes. No specific preparatory work is necessary. Any client who decides to buy the robot or the LT Flow Control system receives comprehensive support in introducing these solutions in the company. In addition, each robot has a 24-month warranty. Of course, Lean-Cart employees also provide their expertise and assistance afterwards. Maintenance services are provided on a 24/7 basis, which enables a very quick response to any problems related to the operation of the implemented systems. After each implementation comprehensive as-built documentation is prepared. Detailed electrical measurements are carried out, a hazard analysis is prepared, and, finally, a decision on meeting the essential requirements of the European Union Directive and a Declaration of Conformity with the CE mark are issued.

In which companies will these solutions work?

The mobile robots and the people and property control system will work in virtually every company. The robots can be used wherever goods need to be transported. They can serve production halls and warehouses. Their work can replace or complement that of traditional forklifts. The LT Flow Control people and property monitoring system, however, makes it possible to take care of the safety of employees in the company, which should always be given priority. The type of goods stored or the industry in which the company operates does not really matter.

What if the pandemic is over?

It is currently difficult to indicate, with a high degree of probability, a possible end date for the pandemic. Scientists say that over time, the number of cases will decrease until the virus activity is completely extinguished. But that does not mean that with the end of the pandemic AGV Lean-Cart robots and LT Flow Control systems will become useless. On the contrary, they can still be used, improving work in the company, increasing work safety and reducing costs related to its operation and hiring additional employees. By investing in these technologies now, it is possible to take a big step forward, stay ahead of the competition and use the pandemic period to implement modern solutions that are likely to become widespread in a few years. It is a profitable investment which, regardless of the current situation related to the pandemic, contributes to increasing the efficiency of the company’s work, increasing the productivity of other machines, as well as reducing the costs of the warehouse or production hall operation.