AGV Lean Cart
Autonomous mobile robots


AGV Lean Cart – the revolution in material transport

AGV Lean Cart robots are a revolutionary new concept in material transport. It is an intelligent system of automatically controlled vehicles (transport warehouse carts) that eliminates forklift and pallet truck transport and provides a way to directly move materials and goods without the need of operator’s participation.

Our offer includes robots transporting goods, placed on carts pulled by them, and special transport platforms adapted to transporting euro pallets. The robots are fully autonomous. They have extensive safety and environmental monitoring systems. Their vision systems enable shape recognition, in particular the detection and identification of transport platforms and automatic loading stations.

The robots are also equipped with telemetry systems, allowing for continuous monitoring and diagnostics. The monitoring and control software is independent of the operating system. It can be used on computers as well as smartphones and tablets.

Lean Cart is easy to implement and install in any warehouse and production space. It uses an intelligent combination of multiple radio communication technologies and adaptive software to deliver parts and products in the workplace.

Main features of the AGV Lean Cart robots


An AGV Lean Cart robot can have a customized size and shape to suit individual customer needs. Owing to the use of appropriate components and accessories, Lean-Tech specialists have the ability to almost freely shape and equip the device for the customer.



Owing to a wide range of drives, it is possible to transport products up to 1,500kg at speeds of up to 1.5m/s. The minimum working time of the units is 8 hours and can be extended even up to 7 days. The power supply system allows for instant battery replacement.



The materials used in the construction of platforms are of the highest quality and come from leading manufacturers; robots move under the control of our own management system. Our customers are provided with technical service and continuous consulting.



We place great emphasis on safety by using complex 2D and 3D monitoring systems around the robot.
24/7 service

Service 24 / 7

We ensure constant contact with a technical advisor, quick service of the device


One AGV robot can replace 3-4 people in forklift trucks.


We use the latest technologies (navigation and mapping systems, management system).

Data security

We ensure the protection of customer data.

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The latest Lean Cart models we are working on:

Lean Cart 17.0

Lean Cart 17.0 is an autonomous pallet truck. It was designed to work in industrial and warehouse spaces. The robot will transport the pallet with the goods to the designated place by itself.

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Lean Cart 18.1

Lean Cart 18.0 is compact, designed to work in small spaces where passageways and corridors are narrow and tight.

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Lean Cart 19.1

Lean Cart 19.1 is designed to transport large and heavy loads placed on a special mobile platform.

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Lean Cart 20.0

Lean Cart 20.0  is designed for the autonomous transport of goods in warehouses and production halls. Designed for transporting Euro pallets.

Learn more about Lean Cart 20.0!

Nominated in competitions

Over the last few years, our company has had the pleasure of participating in many prestigious competitions. This proves that our work is recognized not only by customers, but also by specialists in the industry.

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LEAN-TECH sp. z o.o.

Tax Identification Number(NIP): 894 304 00 46

ul. Wesola 2-4, Lany, 55-002 Kamieniec Wroclawski