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Is Lean-Tech Sp. z o.o. the manufacturer of Lean Cart robots?

Yes, we are the manufacturer of Lean Cart AGV robots. As the manufacturer we can tailor our robots to individual needs of the industry and to the customers’ needs.

Why choose Lean Cart robots?

We install innovative technologies in the Lean Cart AGV robots. Our robots meet high standards: EN 1525, ISO12100, CE. For our customers, we develop and customise individual solutions that maximise the potential of the robot. Lean Cart robots can operate in the harshest environments, even where conditions such as dust, temperature, and humidity do not allow the use of human resources.

What does the starter package contain when implementing a robot?

When you buy an AGV Lean Cart robot, you obtain comprehensive support for the implementation of the robot in your factory. We provide all the infrastructure necessary for the robot to function. We provide technical, logistic, and IT support. We provide training for robot operators and people involved in the operation of the system. The robot is autonomous, the only work that a person has to do is to determine the tasks and charge the batteries.

Can two Lean Cart robots of different types work in one warehouse space and are they managed from one program?

Yes, thanks to the management system and the Lean Cart app, different Lean Cart robots can work together in a single warehouse and production area. The application allows you to supervise and assign tasks to the robots.

How many tasks can one robot handle?

The robot receives tasks from the management system, the customer can assign an infinite number of tasks to the robot. We adjust the robot’s functionality to the needs of the customer, who decides how and when to use the available functions.

Does the implementation of the robot require preparatory work?

The implementation of Lean Cart robots does not require any interference with the existing infrastructure, there is no need to install magnetic tapes or other signs marking out the robot’s route. We have 10 years of experience in the intra-logistics industry, we will quickly integrate the existing production line with the Lean Cart robots.

What are the guarantee and service conditions?

Lean-Tech Sp. z o.o. provides a two-year guarantee for Lean Cart AGV robots. Our service is available for our customers 24/7. After the expiry of the guarantee, we are at the disposal of our customers and provide further technical support and consultancy. We have a stock of spare parts, so possible repairs are performed quickly (depending on the type of fault, repair can be done even within 24 hours). If the design and software of the robot purchased by the customer are standard, we can rent a replacement robot for the time of repair.

How long does it take to implement the robot in the customer's space?

The time of implementation of the robot in the customer’s space depends on: the number of purchased robots, the area on which they are to work, and the number of tasks to be assigned to them. The implementation of a robot can take from one to several days. During this time the robot/robots will map the space in which they will work. Routes, tasks, and emergency routes will be mapped, reducing forklift truck blockages.

How do we solve the problem of communication between the robot and the forklift trucks driving in the same space?

 Security scanners and 2D and 3D cameras ensure collision-free operation. To avoid blockages, we can install an RTLS system on forklift trucks, which will allow the robot to choose a different route before entering the alley where the forklift truck is working.

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