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Lean Cart 18.1

Lean Cart 18.1

Lean Cart 18.1 is compact, designed to work in small spaces where passageways and corridors are narrow and tight. Lean Cart 18.1 is designed to transport loads placed on transport carts pulled by it. It is equipped with a communication panel and LED lighting to indicate working conditions. The rear of the cart has an electro-hook that allows the transport cart with component to be left in the desired position automatically.

Technical parameters:

Payload: 200 kg

Precision: 30 mm

Maximum speed: 1,1m/s (4km/h)

Worktime: above 8 h

Vehicle weight: 90 kg

Vehicle dimensions: 780 x 480 x 440 mm

Communication: WiFi, HMI interface

Ambient working temperature: 5 – 40°C

Humidity: 10 – 95 %

Charging time: 1 h-1,5 h

safety scanner, 2D camera, optionally 3D camera at customer’s request

Tow capacity: 200 kg



Lean Cart 18.0

Each device manufactured by our company meets the safety requirements based on the current regulations. In addition, each implementation has a comprehensive subcontractor documentation and a 24-month guarantee. The company carries out electrical measurements and prepares a report, a decision on compliance with the essential requirements of the European Union Directive and a risk analysis. The Declaration of Conformity is then issued together with the CE mark.

AMR robot

The AMR Lean Cart robot does not transport entire pallets on it, as does its younger brother Lean Cart 19.1, but pulls transport platforms behind it, on which packages are put away. They can be used in every field, from food to automotive. Investing in AMR robots is simply profitable – they do not require servicing or constant supervision of an employee. They do not require breaks – the only time they stop working is when they need to recharge the batteries. It happens very quickly. These robots also do not need heating or lighting for their work, which automatically reduces their labor costs. What’s more, they will increase the productivity of other machines through constant, uninterrupted operation.

AMR mobile robot

The AMR robot is an extremely safe device. 2D / 3D camera systems and safety sensors installed in it allow for collision-free work, creating a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace.

AMR robots are a novelty on the market, which is more and more often implemented to work in warehouses. It is worth your while to consider purchasing such a robot. First of all, you should answer exactly what you expect from such a device. We invite you to read our AMR robot selection guide.

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