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Lean Cart 19.1

 AGV Lean Cart 19.1

Lean Cart 19.1 is designed to transport large and heavy loads placed on a special mobile platform. It has a number of sensors and an extensive image processing algorithm, allowing it to independently take up the transport platform and move it to a selected location and then leave it in a place specified by the user.



Lean Cart 19.1

Lean-Cart 19.1 – Technical parameters:

Payload: 1500 kg

Precision: 30 mm

Maximum speed: 1,4 m/s (5km/h)

Worktime: around 16h

Vehicle weight: 200 kg

Vehicle dimensions: 1200 x 765 x 490 mm

Communication: WiFi

Ambient working temperature: 5 – 40°C

Humidity: 10 – 95%

Charging time: 1h-1,5 h

safety scanner x 2, 3D camera x 2, 2D camera optionally upon customer’s request

Tow capacity: 1500 kg

Each device manufactured by our company meets the safety requirements based on the current regulations. In addition, each implementation has a comprehensive subcontractor documentation and a 24-month guarantee. The company carries out electrical measurements and prepares a report, a decision on compliance with the essential requirements of the European Union Directive and a risk analysis. The Declaration of Conformity is then issued together with the CE mark.


Don’t let its small size fool you, because this device has an extraordinary amount of strength. It is able to independently transport a load of up to 1.5 tons! Lean Cart 19.1 can carry goods on and behind. In the first option, the trolley collects the load from a specially placed platform, and then transports it to the place designated by us. In the second, special carts are attached to the device, also used for transporting goods.


AGV robot

The robot does not require constant attention. Thanks to the Lean Cart App, we are able to set new tasks for him, regardless of where we are – at a meeting, at lunch or at a conference.

Due to the fact that the AGV trolley is fully autonomous (it does not require an employee’s service), it can work anytime and anywhere, regardless of the conditions in your hall. The industry in which your company operates is irrelevant, it does not care. As long as he is given new tasks, he will continue to do his job.

Before buying a robot, we recommend that you read our guide, which includes all the most important information and questions that we should answer before buying an AGV robot


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