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Lean Cart 19.1

Lean Cart 19.1

Lean Cart 19.1 is designed to transport large and heavy loads placed on a special mobile platform. It has a number of sensors and an extensive image processing algorithm, allowing it to independently take up the transport platform and move it to a selected location and then leave it in a place specified by the user.

Technical parameters:

Payload: 1500kg

Precision: 30mm

Maximum speed: 1,1m/s (4km/h)

Worktime: around 16h

Vehicle weight: 200kg

Vehicle dimensions: 1200 x 765 x 490 mm

Communication: WiFi, HMI interface

Ambient working temperature: 5 – 40°C

Humidity: 10 – 95%

Charging time: 1h-1,5h

safety scanner x2, 3D camera x2, 2D camera optionally upon customer’s request

Tow capacity: 1500 kg



Lean Cart 19.1

Each device manufactured by our company meets the safety requirements based on the current regulations. In addition, each implementation has a comprehensive subcontractor documentation and a 24-month guarantee. The company carries out electrical measurements and prepares a report, a decision on compliance with the essential requirements of the European Union Directive and a risk analysis. The Declaration of Conformity is then issued together with the CE mark.

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