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Lean Cart 20.0

Lean Cart 20.0

Lean Cart 20.0 is designed for the autonomous transport of goods in warehouse and production spaces. Designed for transporting Euro pallets.


 Lean Cart 20.0  – Technical parameters:

Payload: 1000 kg

Precision: 30 mm

Maximum speed: 1,4 m/s (5km/h)

Worktime: 5 h

Vehicle weight: 350 kg

Vehicle dimensions: 1200 x 820 x 530 mm

Communication: WiFi

Ambient working temperature: 5 – 40°C

Humidity: 10 – 95%

Charging time: 3 h                                                                                (Possible to shorten the charging time at the expense of battery life)

safety scanner x 3, 3D camera x 2, 2D camera optionally upon customer’s request

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