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AGV Lean Cart – choose one of the four available models

The Lean Cart AGV robots are equipped with innovative technologies and can be easily integrated into existing intra-logistics systems. We guarantee the safety of the robot among people – Lean Cart robots are equipped with a camera system and certified security scanners to ensure that the robot is collision-free.

AGV Lean Cart


AGV Lean Cart


AGV Lean Cart


AGV Lean Cart


Lean-Cart navigation and mapping

The AGV Lean-Cart autonomous robots operate on the basis of the latest technologies, using them for mapping and navigation, thus enabling their adaptability to existing and functioning intralogistics systems. They are fully autonomous, which means that they do not require any employees to operate them and can work for many hours without interruption, which significantly increases the general efficiency of the entire plant. We use a hybrid navigation system in our robots, which combines RTLS and SLAM technologies, allowing for a better spatial orientation of our robots. RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) enables real-time location, identification and supervision of objects in the environment thanks to broadband pulses, while SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) helps the robot map an unknown space and at the same time locate itself in it. Thanks to combining these two technologies, we do not have to use magnetic lines and induction loops, which significantly increase costs and hinder the operation of manufacturing plants. Our robots are equipped with 2D/3D camera systems and safety laser scanners. Thanks to the cameras, the robots can identify objects in the space around them. The laser scanners, in turn, help them navigate well in a given space. The scanners also have a “warning zone” which enables the AVG robot to take action, e.g. reduce the speed, if an obstacle appears in this zone, and a “protection zone”, the violation of which causes the robot to stop immediately.

Mobile robot

Mobile robots are offered in four variants, with different load capacities and sizes, which will work in any warehouse space, regardless of the width of the corridors or conditions there. For demanding customers, we have an offer to adjust the dimensions or shape of the robot as well as its functions.

Their implementation does not require special preparatory work, there is no need to interfere with the existing warehouse infrastructure. Each of our clients receives comprehensive support in the implementation of the device. As a manufacturer, we offer a 24-month warranty for each of our devices. We are available to our clients even after it expires. Moreover, we also offer a 24/7 service.

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