AMR Mobile Robot
Lean Cart 17.0


Robot Lean Cart 17.0

Fully autonomous mobile robot that replaces a pallet truck operator. It picks up euro pallets directly from the ground and transports them to the desired location.

The robot can pick up loads weighing up to 1,500 kg and is similar to a pallet truck in size, which ensures that it can move freely and pick up any standard load in the warehouse.


It can climb 6% slopes and has a turning radius of less than 1,400 mm, which makes it an efficient and agile means of transport. It has safety and anti-collision systems, which include safety scanners and 2D and 3D cameras, ensuring trouble-free operation in compliance with OHS standards.

Well-prepared software based on laser mapping and SLAM algorithms ensures collision-free movement in the warehouse area, obstacle detection, and autonomous load picking and delivery. A solid LiFePO4 battery ensures operation for a long time. It can also be recharged at any time, which does not affect the service life of the battery.

The robot is the main means of pallet transport inside warehouses and production halls.

Technical parameters:

Payload: 1500kg

Precision: 30mm

Maximum speed: 1,4m/s (5km/h)

Lift height: 115 mm

Communication: WiFi

Ambient working temperature: 5 – 40°C

Humidity: 10 – 80%

Safety:                                                                                                                 safety scanners, camera system


Each device manufactured by our company meets safety requirements based on current regulations. Besides, each implementation has comprehensive subcontracting documentation and a 24-month warranty. The company carries out electrical measurements and prepares a report, a statement of compliance with the essential requirements of the European Union Directive, and a hazard analysis. Then a Declaration of Conformity is issued with the CE mark.

AMR Robot

These robots can be used in virtually any field, from food to the automotive industry. Investment in AMR is simply profitable – they do not require servicing or constant supervision. Nor do they require breaks – the only moment when they stop their work is when they need to charge their batteries, which happens extremely quickly. These robots also don’t require any heating or lighting for their work, which further reduces the cost of their work. Furthermore, they increase the productivity of other machines through the continuous, uninterrupted operation.

Mobile AMR Robot

The AMR robot is an extremely safe device. The 2D / 3D camera systems and security sensors installed in it allow for smooth and collision-free operation, creating a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace. AMR robots are a novelty on the market that is increasingly being implemented to serve in warehouses. It’s worth taking a moment to consider buying such a robot. If you find yourself interested, first, and foremost, you should consider looking for an answer to the question: what exactly would you expect from such a device?

We invite you to read our AMR robot selection guide.


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