Lean Cart UV professional disinfection


Lean Cart UV is a disinfecting robot. Its effectiveness is based on the use of high-quality UVC lamps that neutralize all kinds of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. Room disinfection using Lean Cart UV is completely safe. The robot can be operated remotely.

Technical parameters:


length: 86 cm,width: 51 cm, height (with the mast): 169 cm


Wi-Fi + control software

Disinfection scope:

360 degrees


safety laser scanner, 2D camera

Optional equipment:

thermal imaging camera, 3D camera

Batteries/Working time:

LiFePO4 24v/110Ah / 4 h                  LiFePO4 24V/110Ah / 10 h


UVC – wavelength 254 nm


remote control (application for computer / tablet / phone)


120 kg/150 kg                                                (depending on the battery selected)


The robot can be operated remotely, staff work is limited to turning on the device. No chemicals, personal protective equipment or special procedures are needed. UV lamps are extremely effective in eliminating all types of microorganisms, microorganisms, fungi and molds. The room disinfected with the Lean Cart UV is free of viruses and bacteria. The Lean Cart UV robot does not generate additional costs, saves time devoted to disinfection, and above all increases the safety of personnel and people using the space.

How does UV-C radiation disinfect?

Ultraviolet light (UV-C rays) eliminates all harmful microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and mold by breaking down their DNA. The Lean Cart UV disinfecting robot has lamps generating a wavelength of 254 nm, thanks to which the robot disinfects rooms extremely effectively, meeting high safety standards. The user can be sure that the space has been thoroughly cleaned of microbiological hazards.


Lean Cart UV

  • Guarantee of safety
  • Quick and effective disinfection of rooms
  • Top quality and innovative technology

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