AGV Lean Cart
– application

AGV Lean Cart – application

AGV robots can be used in virtually all conditions and in all industries. The possibilities of AGV robots are virtually limitless. AGV robots are a universal and versatile means of internal transport.

AGV Lean Cart robots can work among people because they are equipped with certified safety systems. In addition, the small size of the robots allows them to work even in limited, narrow spaces.


We place great emphasis on safety by using complex 2D and 3D monitoring systems around the robot.
24/7 service

Service 24 / 7

We ensure constant contact with a technical advisor, quick service of the device


One AGV robot can replace 3-4 people in forklift trucks.


We use the latest technologies (navigation and mapping systems, management system).

Data security

We ensure the protection of customer data.

Order Lean Cart presentations

Contact the company and arrange a presentation of the possibilities and functions of the Lean-Cart robot

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